Meet Claire The Founder

Take back control without Judgement, Shame or Fear

So, you’ve tried to cut down or give up the drink already, right?

But something happened, you had a wobble mid-way – and your good intentions were washed down with a glass of Pinot Grigio? 
(Don’t worry, you’re not alone!)

Either way, you know one thing for sure – you’re sick and tired of the booze controlling you!

 “I’ll just have the one!” 
“It’s been a really bad day!”
“It’ll relax me!” 
“It’s the weekend!”


 But the problem is, you know that one usually leads to too many…  

And you’re fed up of…

Drinking too much
Getting rubbish sleep
Waking up with brain fog
Feeling hungover
Having no energy
Being snappy and irritable
Feeling low and anxious
Beating yourself up because you’ve let yourself down…AGAIN.

And you know the one thing that will make this all go away for a few hours is the darn thing that put you right here in the first place.

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

You don’t have to reach for a glass of vino EVERY time you’ve had a stressful day. There is another way!
"I help women to STOP relying on wine to fuel their busy lives, by using my five-stage sober online programme they can quickly and easily gain control without judgement, shame or fear"

Claire Louise Owen (aka) The ‘Soberholic’ Founder & Creator of The Sober Goals Online Programme is a Geordie Lass on a mission to show a sober life can be fun and fulfilling.

Like many professional women, Claire’s life revolved around alcohol, it was ingrained in her upbringing and it was her ENTIRE social life -she ‘drank with the lads’ in her youth, then found a release in the booze from her hectic life as an entrepreneurial mum of two boys as she worked hard and played hard, like many of us do. The Soberholic’ was born after her journey to quitting saw her volunteer at a Rehab centre as part of her mission to support others and it was here when she heard “Hi my name is ….. and I am an alcoholic”. She experienced all the shame and self-loathing come rushing back and from this moment on felt compelled to find another way to support people, without them having to live with this label. She was aware many women are anxious about seeking traditional forms of support as they worry they aren't 'bad' enough or that others will judge or shame them. 

This is how the name The Soberholic came to be and her mission of creating a life ‘So much more than sober.’
Having taken years to recognise she even had a problem, Claire describes in this video how and why she felt trapped in her unhealthy lifestyle in a bid to help others recognise the warning signs in their own lives - then she shares the light at the end of the tunnel, as she radiates health happiness and positivity and reveals the joys of her sober life!  

Watch the training video as Claire addresses this frequently asked question 

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